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Wealth Managers

At Risk & Insurance Associates, we believe the following are key to ensuring successful planning outcomes:

  • Risk management as an essential component of comprehensive financial advice, and properly assessing and addressing risks;
  • Alignment with your practice and approach, directing our platform and resources nimbly;
  • Simplifying your process through our set of contemporary technology and tools.

As advisors, Wealth Managers typically focus their attention on high and ultra-high net worth individuals and business owners. As such, these clients have unique challenges and opportunities afforded to them because of their substantial wealth and complex fact patterns. Providing sophisticated planning for these clients requires specialized expertise and a substantial investment in creating the requisite service model.

Risk & Insurance Associates provides a team seasoned in developing risk management solutions for these clients, allowing you to leverage our expertise as an outsourced extension of your intrinsic value proposition in this space.

Wealth Managers