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Long-Term Care

Funding Long Term Health Care 

Perhaps the most dynamic and fastest growing area of the risk management planning spectrum – providing liquidity to fund the cost of long term health care has become a concern of financial advisors and clients alike, as the financial drain of a protracted long term care event presents a unique and very real risk to an otherwise rock-solid retirement plan.  As such, the long term care insurance space has also experienced massive fluctuation and innovation over the past two decades. While traditional, stand-alone long term care (LTC) insurance is still available and can be an effective client solution, “Hybrid” and “Linked Benefit” designs (both of which combine Life Insurance with Long Term Care and/or Chronic Illness benefits) have become popular alternatives. 

Risk & Insurance represents best in class offerings from providers in all three areas of the long term care insurance planning arena – and has the resources to comb through the available options to align solution and client.