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Life Insurance

How Much?

The economic value of human life manifests itself in myriad planning circumstances, and often the death of a client will create very real liquidity needs, for example:

  • Replacing lost income
  • Liquidating Debts
  • Putting money aside for future needs (such as educational funds)
  • Paying for final, probate, or estate expenses and taxes
  • Purchasing shares of a deceased business partner
  • Providing funds to replace the efforts of a key employee

Assessing the need for life insurance can be a daunting and often confusing process, for both advisor and client. Our team is skilled in guiding this conversation to help all parties understand and value the need, demystifying the process and leading to more clarity and resolve in implementing a solution.

What Kind?

Life insurance seems to have a language all its own, and term life, whole life, universal, indexed, survivorship, etc. all seem to have their passionate proponents. At Risk & Insurance, we believe that the type of life insurance that makes the most sense for a given engagement depends on the facts, circumstances, and goals of the case. We help to navigate the fundamental complexity of the insurance product landscape to curate a solution that is aligned with our planning mandate. We will help make sense of the proposed solution, how it impacts other inforce coverages, and ultimately where it fits into the client’s broader plan.